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First of all, exercise with our Dogtraining-cd. Use the Cd several times a year. So not only just before Christmas, but also in febuary or june.
Start as early as you can or as young as possible for your dog or puppy.

Just before the Thunder or Fireworks starts:

1- Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise earlier in the day.
2- Keep your dogs inside during fireworks, preferably with human companionship. If it’s hot, air conditioning will help. Bringing your dogs to a fireworks display is never a good idea.
3- Provide a safe place inside for your dog(s) or cat(s) to retreat. When scared of sounds they can’t orient. Dogs often prefer small enclosed areas.  If your dog or pet is comfortable in a crate, than that is a good option.
4- Keep the windows and curtains closed. Covering the crate or lowering the blinds can also be helpful. Removing visual stimulation can also help calm dogs.
5- Make sure all your dogs are wearing ID tags with a properly fitting collar. Dogs have been known to become Houdini around the 4th of July.
6- Leave your dog something fun to do – like a frozen Kong filled with his favorite treats.

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