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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Service


1. Cd's can only be ordered online.
Upon submitting your order form you will recieve een automatic comfirmation email with payment details. It is your responsibility to ensure that your details in this email are correct.  (See also "Liability and Responsiblity").

Sending and delivery

1: A comfirmation will be sent automatically once the full payment has been recieved and the Cd will be delivered  within 7 working days (after receiving payment) to the given address.
2: CDs are sent in a bubblerap envelop. Orders from multiple CDs are sent in a package.
3: You will receive an email  confirming that your order has been sent. This email is also your proof of payment and guarantee.
4: Additional sending costs apply for orders coming from outside the Netherlands and Europe.  Separate pricing is proposed via fireworkscd.com for countries and regions which fall outside the pricing scheme.
5: Occasionally it can occur that the delivery takes longer than the given 7 working days. In the event that we are unable to deliver your CD within 2 weeks (10 working days), you can request via email that your order be retracted.


1. For the purchase of CDs and DVDs as a carrier of digital files (such as sound files and video files) there is an appropriate regulation for the right of withdrawal. You have a right of withdrawal if the product is returned unopened, in the original sealed packaging and undamaged. If a special seal label has been used, it also must be intact. This means that you have 14 working days to return the purchase without giving reasons. The only costs the supplier can charge are the shipping costs for returning the product. Have you paid already? Then the seller must pay back the amount within 30 days.
2.  The buyer will check the product within 2 days for visible and invisible defects. Invisible defects include files which cannot be read or played. The buyer will check that the delivered product corresponds to the order; and that it meets the expected requirements of CDs.
3. The buyer should report any faulty product in writing within two days to fireworkscd.com or vuurwerkcd.com, after which fireworkscd.com will replace the product within 30 days
4. The buyer will, after reporting the fault, return the CD and include the original letter/bill that was sent with the CD.
5. We will pay back the amount of the price from our CD's and the sendingcosts and only if the cd's are completely in their sealed casing.
6. Shippingcosts for returned goods are for the buyer of our products.


The price of the CD can be found on our website. Special offers or changes in price will also be posted there.

Liability and Responsibility

1. Fireworkscd.com is solely responsible for restitution of the purchase price.
2. The decision to give money back lies solely with fireworkscd.com.
3. Fireworkscd.com does not accept responsibility or liablity for damage to the CD, or any equipment used to handle and play it. Fireworkscd.com is not liable for any consequences of the use of the CD on the user's surroundings. The user himself bears full responsibility for use of the CD, including negative effects on company, pets or livestock present when playing the CD.
4. The buyer is responsible for checking his order, including address and number of CDs, on the confirmation email. Fireworkscd.com cannot be held liable for incorrectly provided data, including wrong address, name, ZIP / postcode or country.

User rights

The CD and the sound files it contains, may only be used for training pets, either in-house or during group sessions at puppy/dog training courses. It may also be played in a waiting, practice or trainingspace at a practice (e.g. Vet, kennel, asylum, behavioural trainer)
Copying of the CD or alteration of the files, is strictly forbidden.
Many soundfiles are subject to certain rights.
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