Rabbits-Rodents - Fireworks Sounds CD ONLY £ 8.95 Online-Shop - Dogtraining sounds.

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trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingReal soundsfireworks-thunder-cd
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingProfessional sounds and used equipment, remixed, remastered, stereo movie quality  
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingAvailable from stock
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingManual included in cover (English, German and Dutch)
The use of a firework sounds CD or one of our other CDs is not very suitable for desensitization rodents or rabbits.

Quote Rodents and Rabbits

Please read on Page 2...
"Pattern identification is another component of psychoacoustics, and is related to the complexity of sound. When a new pattern is introduced the focus of the brain turns to this sensory input. This is termed active listening. Once the pattern has been processed, the brain returns to a passive hearing state. This is an instinctive process which also occurs in animals, called the orienting response.
The orienting response is a survival mechanism, and is especially important in prey animals. We have all witnessed the sudden arousal of an animal when an unusual or loud sound is heard. While the orienting response can have a positive effect on survival, negative consequences should also be considered. As animals have been domesticated, and housed in unnatural environments, they have been exposed to sounds that may continually activate their orienting responses. Even though the environmental sounds may not elicit overt fear, the ongoing instinctive reaction to sudden noise can interrupt the animal’s relaxed state. When sounds do elicit fear, the consequences can be even more serious."

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fireworks cd
rabits fireworks
rabits fireworks anxiety pdf
14 pages.  167 kb  
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