Horses - Fireworks Sounds CD ONLY £ 8.95 Online-Shop - Dogtraining sounds.

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trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingReal soundsfireworks-thunder-cd
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingProfessional sounds and used equipment, remixed, remastered, stereo movie quality  
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingAvailable from stock
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingManual included in cover (English, German and Dutch)
fireworks line


Our farm sounds cd, fireworkscd and the cd's with city and trafficsounds are also designed to desensitize horses to noises encountered in trail riding, in shows and driving environments. You can use our sound cds  in equestrian training at riding schools to take away anxiety in horses or foals.
fireworks anxious horse
fireworks line
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