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Frequently asked questions

Why a farm sound cd or sounds in the city and traffic.

The answer is simple. Everything gets used when you make the animal just give some time to get used to it. A familiar example is the farmer's dog, who is no longer surprised of geese and chickens, horses, tractors and so on.

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Why a Cd with sounds of fireworks and thunder?

These sounds are part of a scientifically-proven way to help your pet deal with sound associated fear and stress. Our CD has been applied with success to horses, dogs, cats, parrots and parakeets. Sounds are natrually a signal of threat, to which flight is the dominant response. By getting used to threatening sounds, and receiving positive excperiences when these sounds are played, your pet will deal with its fear.

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Objectives of our website.

We aim to provide informtion on the use of our fireworks cd. We also hope to educate people that raising a pet is (almost) as important as raising children. It requires time, money, love and the will to do the right thing. Giving a pet medication is often the easy way out. We question that attitude. We want to stimulate pet owners to do what is best for their pets, not what is easiest or cheapest.
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Why not give a pill?

Medication should be a last resort. Many pets can be trained to lose their fear of sounds. Sometimes a pet is so scared that it requires a combination of training and medication, and there are cases when pets do not respond to training at all. In that case it is best to ask your vet for advice.
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When to order?

The sooner you start training, the better. Start when your pet is young. Even if your cat or dog is mature, you can still help them deal with frightening sounds. Order our fireworks cd now!  Order Now!

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When should I start playing the CD?

You can start at any time. It is best to start when your pet is young, and play the cd at regular intervals during the year. If your dog or cat already has a fear of fireworks, aply the same method of playing the cd at regular imtervals.
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Our clients

Animal welfare. Private pet owners. Vets. Animal clinics. Dog therapists. Dog trainers. Cat therapists. Kennels. Asylums. Zoos. Pensioners.  
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Clinics and therapists

For clinics and therapists we offer a free miniposter for you at reception area with your order of at least 3 CDs. For other quantity discounts see here >> Rebates
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