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Dogs fireworks phobias

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trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingReal soundsnoises
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingProfessional sounds and used equipment, remixed, remastered, stereo movie quality  
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingAvailable from stock
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingManual included in cover (English, German and Dutch)
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Signs of Anxiety in dogs
- Look at the dog's stance. Anxious dogs often have tense muscles and a freeze position. Often a dog will crouch with their head and upper body close to the ground or roll over to expose their belly.Some submissive dogs may also urinate in the living room. Occult signs of anxiety can be shown as stretching, shaking like drying himself or lowering his head.
- Check the dog's eyes, because they are often staring, showing the whites of their eyes.

- Anxious dogs fold away their ears back to the head.
- Sniffing and distracted behavior. Often a dog will neglect other dogs if it feels anxiousness.
- If you know your dog (or cat) well enough, it should not be a problem to recognise the fear in it. You know what your dog or cat likes, so you know when there is something wrong. (Is he always shy for that dog or person?) So; Get to know your dog!
- Hiding (most common sign in cats)
- Urinating
- Defecating
- Chewing
- Panting
- Pacing
- Trying to escape (digging, jumping through windows)
- Vocalizing (barking)

- Drooling
- Seeking the owner
- Expressing anal glands
- Not eating
- Not listening to commands
- Trembling or shaking
- Dilated pupils
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