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Cats therapy

CD with sounds and noises

trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingReal soundsnoises
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingProfessional sounds and used equipment, remastered, stereo movie quality  
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingAvailable from stock
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingManual included in cover (English, German and Dutch)

Symptoms of Sounds Anxiety in Cats

Defensive aggression towards people and other animals
Repetitive vocalization (meowing)
Excessive grooming
Compulsive pacing
Fabric chewing

Sleeping less
Playing less often
Scratching at doors, windows or screens
Changes in behaviour
Loss of appetite

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sounds for cats cd
It's not uncommon for a cat to be afraid of loud noises, especially thunder and fireworkssounds. By fireworks noises cats will usually hide. Cats suffering from a substantial fear of fireworkssounds or thundersounds may begin to display anxious behavior before the sounds begin. Rain on the roof of the house, bright thunderflashes of light or even the drop in air pressure before a storm may be enough to trigger a cats anxiety . It is important to know what to do when the situation occurs:
First of all stay calm. This will help your cat feel safe in your neighborhood. You might even try to play with your cat to distract from the noise of thunder or fireworks.
Make sure your cat has a safe place to seek refuge. Cats typically will run under a bed or under a chair to escape loud noises. Cat schooses these places because they feel protected and the noise of thunder or fireworks is muffled. If your cat has not already picked out a place, provide one. Try leaving a few kibbles of a favorite cat food in a safe place to encourage your cat to go there.
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Use our Fireworkscd with Thundersounds  before the problem appear and desensitize your cat to loud noises so the sound becomes normal. soundsThis is usually done by playing recorded our thunder CD at a low volume and in short intervals while you monitor your cat's behavior. This process is long and requires patience, but in the end your cat will be much more comfortable during a storm or near a fireworks display.
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