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Parrots and other Birds

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trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingReal soundsfireworks-thunder-cd
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingProfessional sounds and used equipment, remixed, remastered, stereo movie quality  
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingAvailable from stock
trainicd for dogs in dogtrainingManual included in cover (English, German and Dutch)
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Parrots are prey animals. When they are scared they are prone to flight. Parrots and other birds can have panic flights as a response to sudden noises. The birds may injure themselves when crashing into things. Clipped birds often respond by jumping from their perches in fear and also can terribly hurt themselves.
Birds’ owners tend to soothe the animal which often aggravate the problem. They tend to console the animal and worry about it. Even animals who normally would not be afraid, can be inadvertently trained to be fearful. In that case the owner will achieve the opposite of what they intended. Effective fireworks training should, not only encompass training for the animals, but also give behaviour guidance to the owners.
So start training and desensitizing your parrot.
You can use our fireworks sound cd training to gradually get your animals used to increasingly loud and startling noises.
The bird will be familiarized with typical fireworks sound (and thunder sounds) that are gradually increased in loudness by connecting these sounds to threats.

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info bird anxiety fireworks noises and thunder
Research Report  Through a Cat & Dog’s Ear

"Why was the bird so adamant? Maybe the parrot just wanted to hear the music without the barking. Maybe the parrot was so confused by all the conflicting noises that he was getting a headache. Maybe the parrot just didn’t like Petey. We will never know exactly what was going on in that little head of his."

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