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Training and socialisation CDs for dogs, cats, horses and birds.

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Therapy Fireworks anxiety in dogs and cats

High Quality CD's
Many sounds on one CD


High quality offset printed
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Dog fear thunderstorms

fireworks anxiety dogs

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fireworks sounds cd

Fireworks phobias

vetenarian therapy anxious dogs

Guaranteed delivery

Guaranteed delivery
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Fireworks and Thundersounds Cd

Real urban fireworks sounds and thunder

Professional sounds and used equipment,

   remixed, stereo movie quality  
Available from stock
Manual in cover (English, German and Dutch)
26 tracks +/-  40 minutes
   (20 fireworks and 5 thunderstorm)

   Bonus soundtrack Mixed with

   fireworkssounds, thunder, lightning,

   machinegun, siren and heavy rain.

See CD Content

Sounds CD
Fireworks and Thundersounds
NOW £ 7.95

Directly available

2 Sounds CDs
Fireworks and Thundersounds
from £ 15.90
NOW £ 14.31

Directly available

5 Sounds CDs
Fireworks and Thundersounds
normal £ 39.75 NOW
£ 35.78

Directly available

Info Farm sounds CD

Professional sounds around the Farm
anual in English, German and Dutch
Available from stock
Cd works on pcs and audio equipment
59 Tracks total +/- 38 minutes  
   See CD Content

Many sounds including trucks, squealing brakes, garbage truck, streetsweeper, lawnmowers, air compressor, woodshredder, blacksmith anvil

and much more

Sounds CD
Farm Sounds
£ 7.95

Directly available

Sounds CD
Farm Sounds
Fireworks & Thundersounds
from £ 15.90 NOW
£ 14.31

Directly available
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We guarantee an  absolutely secure and  rapid delivery.

delivery fireworks cds
  Superfast delivery. I 'll  get to work on it right away.W. De Wilde, Aspen

Cool hard sounds. Realistic and with High quality Hightones. Worked fine by my panicking labrador. After a few trainingsession she does not look up to the sounds anymore. Moniek Veldkamp, Amsterdam

 CDs containing a lot of different sounds. Most of all professional recorded stereo sounds, with a high Bitrate. Xavier C. Amsterdam
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Urban Fireworks CD Inlay

Farm Sounds CD
Inlay with english, dutch and german manuals

Dog Training CDs

Fireworks sounds dogstraining

Urban Fireworks CD

treatment dogs with fireworksfear

Dogs afraid of sounds?

fireworks fear  dogs
Treatment and prevention of sound phobias

Many vetenarians and dogtrainers have suggested playing training sounds cds like a fireworks and thundersounds CD to dogs. Research has proven that this therapy has worked, especially as these sounds are played to new litters to prevent those dogs from ever being afraid of those sounds in the future. Even they are suitable to train older dogs with anxiety for certain noises like streetnoises, in our Big Cities, noises in our garden, at a farm or just at home.


Don't Wait Till New Years Eve or 4th of July!

Just take your time to train your dog with our urban or suburban fireworks cd or one of our other Dog training CDs . Training with our socialisation cd's  means your dog or other pets wil stay home quietly, without any pills or injections even at Newyear or 4th of July. At home or outdoors it will help your pet staying calm with many (farm)animals, in traffic situations, with noises from different machines or sound sources at home or anywhere.


Socialization and Desensitization Cds

Currently we can offer you 4 different trainings Cd's. These sounds CDs from provides in treatment of dogs and other pets with  Noise Desensitisation. This behaviour therapy is a proven technique for the treatment and prevention of sound anxiety or phobias in dogs and other pets.

CD1 Fireworks and Thundersounds
CD2 Sounds in and around the farm
CD3 Sounds in and around the house (later)
CD4 Sounds City and Traffic (later)


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Our fireworks training sounds and noises

Our fireworkscd provides you with an atmosphere of excitement and fabulous detail in sound quality. Even the smallest noise will be heard by your pet.

Realistic fireworks sounds cd

Every detail of ripping firecrackers, thunderflashes, thunder-bangs, srcreaming bottle rockets, thunderous sky bombs, rapid-fire whistles and earth-shaking explosions.

Order our Therapy Fireworkscd

Vets and animaltrainers have suggest playing a recording of these sounds to dogs and cats. Good breeders plays all of these training sounds to new litters to prevent the dogs from ever being afraid of these sounds in the future.

Phobic responses in dogs and cats are generally associated with loud noises (eg, gunshots, fireworks, machines) or a combination of stimuli such as rain, thunder, lightning, and perhaps even static or pressure changes associated with a thunderstorm. Some fears (eg, veterinary clinics, going outdoors, entering certain rooms, or going across certain types of flooring) may become so intense that they meet the definition of a phobia.

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